Best Baby Gate with Cat Door (and are they even necessary?)

Best Baby Gate with Cat Door (and are they even necessary?)

If you’re a busy mom with both a baby and a pet, then somedays it can be a challenge to keep everyone safe and secure. Somedays you might want your baby to run and explore the world but at the same time make sure your cat is safe and secure and not running wild along with the child.  Before we even talk about any specific baby gates, let’s make the case so to speak to even have a baby gate with a cat door -or- totally invalidate it as some fad or gimmick.

Moms especially understand how crazy it can be sometimes with kids and pets at home and when you need to get tons of work done! There is laundry, office calls, cooking, cleaning to get done and with kids and pets around getting things done can be well, a challenge. A baby gate with a pet gate can be a lifesaver at times like these because it can help you to stop worrying about both the kids and the cat and that they are safe while you do all your other mom stuff.

Whatever your reason, having a baby gate with a cat door as well allows you to keep the child and pet in a safe area. This way your cat and baby can spend some time together and you can be assured that they are safe and secure.

Today, we will discuss why baby gates are a must when you are planning on babyproofing the house (I just spilled the beans on my thoughts but please still read 🙂 ) and also the best baby gates in the market with pet gates.

Why Use A Baby Gate With Cat Door

You can use a baby gate for a number of reasons but usually, the most important reason is – baby proofing. While it is not easy to make a home completely baby-proof but ensuring you get a baby gate with a small pet door can be a great solution to keep your baby and pet safe if you are a pet parent.

Baby gates with a small pet door can make life so easy because it is not always possible to watch your baby or have them with you. Whether you are working from home or finishing up household chores having a baby gate allows you, mammas, to work peacefully while knowing that your baby and pet both are safe. Even in larger spaces, having baby gates with cat gates can be a great solution to dividing a large space into a play area and work area.

Most pet owners would agree that when you have a baby at home as well, having a pet gate always helps. Like, say if you have a cat and a baby then you might want to keep the litter box and cat food outside. But you can make it easy for your cat to access that space with a small pet door. They can come and go out of the hazard-free zone and spend time with the rest of the family. A win-win for both.

The newer and latest baby gates come with safety features like auto close feature and an extra tall gate that are especially helpful if you have a tall dog and a small one at home and you want specific pet doors for each. There are many great options for baby gates with a dog gate as well. Also, pet owners with small cats sometimes feel that flaps rather than doors work better for them, so you can opt for those.

Choosing The Best Baby Gates With Pet Doors

When choosing baby gates with pet doors, there are a few considerations you need to make. Whether you are a parent with a baby and pet or just a pet owner, baby gates with a pet gate are a must-have.

  • Placement

    Firstly, always check your space because specific brackets and types of gates might not work in every area. You might want to measure and get a specific or a small pet gate in case you want it in a smaller space.

  • Objective

    It’s always important to ask what you want to achieve with the baby gate? Do you want to keep just your baby safe or need a baby gate with a pet gate as well?

  • Ease of Use

    Check baby gates that are easy to use. The latch and opening should be secure enough for babies but convenient enough for adults to open one-handed.

  • Installation

    Sometimes installing a pet gate can be a pain. So, check for the ones that don’t need you to go around drilling holes or making changes to your decor. Find baby gates that can be used as wall mounts or come with the essential tool and included hardware.

  • Appeal

    While as pet parents you might want a baby gate with cat door for their safety but you also want it to go with your home’s decor. Because usually, a baby gate will be a long-term installment. While you want the baby gates to be functional, they should also be well-made and match your decor. Go for the ones that match your home decor or have high-end finishing to make it more appealing.

  • Design

    There are different types of baby gates out there. You might want to check which one you need a pressure mount system, one with an auto-close feature, a safety lock feature, or a baby gate with a simple walk-through door. If you have a tall dog, then you might need a baby gate with an extra-tall walk-through door. There are plenty of options there, you want to choose one that meets your budget and needs.

  • Budget

    With any product, you are buying, the budget/pricing is also a thing that you will have to consider before narrowing down on the pet gate you need. The price range is wide depending on the design and durability, if you opt for more permanent gates like the pressure-mounted gates, then obviously the price will be on the higher side. So, decide the amount you want to spend before you start looking for options.

    Every home and every baby and pet is different. So, when you are looking for a baby gate with a cat door make sure you are looking for the one that works for your family.

    The 5 Best Baby Gates With Cat Door

    1. Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gates

      The Carlson extra tall walk-through baby gates with pet doors are perfect for protecting your baby, dogs, and cats, as well as your home. Designed with extra-wide/ large openings, this steel gate comes with a pressure-mount system and is quite easy to install.

      One of the tallest doors available in the market, this cat door is super convenient and comes with a one-touch release handle, allowing you to pass even while juggling other things. Its all-white design makes this pet gate look classy and blends easily with any home decor. One thing that makes it a favorite among mothers is its added safety lock feature and non-toxic finish. This reasonably priced Carlson extra tall pet gate is perfect for homes with tall dogs, cats, or babies who love to jump!

      This Carlson baby gate is 37 x 2 x 36 inches and can be widened from 29 to 36.5 inches.

    2. Fairy Extra Wide Pet-friendly Baby Gate Stand

      Made of steel, the Fairy extra-long, and wide pet-friendly baby gate stand is just what you moms need when you have a toddler or baby who loves sneaking around and exploring new things! Designed with a pressure-mounted safety system, this pet gate can be set up near stairwells, doorways, open areas, or hallways.

      The anti-stumble paddle makes it easy for strollers and even toddlers to pass through, while the double-latching mechanism makes it secure enough for babies and easy for you to open. For added security, it comes with an auto-close feature that automatically closes the gate when its gate is at less than 90 degrees,

      The best part is setting up this pet door is easy peasy. This Fairy dog gate is 36-inch tall and comes with an 8 in. x 8 in. pet gate.

    3. MYPET North States Wide Pet Gate

      This MYPET wide pet gate makes it to the top 5 list because of its small pet doors that glide easily and allows your cats or dogs to come and go whenever they wish. Made of heavy-duty steel and metal, this pressure-mounted door can be easily set up anywhere – doorways, rooms, or hallways. This pet gate is perfect for pet owners who own more than puppies and several cats.

      Designed with a swing control lever, the door can swing in either direction making it convenient for pets, while the large handle makes it easy for you to use. This baby gate also comes with a grip-n-twist latch that lets you work and go on with your chores knowing that your bub and pet are safe and secure. A simple push is all you need to close this gate.

      This pet gate measures 10 x 10 x 10 in. and comes with a 9.5 x 8 in. cat gate.

    4. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gates

      Protect your pets while allowing them to walk around your home easily with this Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate. A must-have for any parent, this gate is convenient, easy to use, chew-proof, rust-proof, and easy to install.

      Designed with a pressure mount system, this white gate can be installed anywhere in the home and is perfect for larger spaces. The pressure mount system makes it a breeze to install. With an all steel construction, this gate is sturdy, while the all-white color blends easily with any home decor.

      For added security, it comes with a safety lock feature, a non-toxic finish, and an easy close doo feature. This Carlson extra wide gate is 30 in. tall and 36.5 x 1 x 31 in. wide with a pet door that measures 8 x 8 in.

    5. Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

      Expandable and versatile, the Carlson Lil Tuffy is one pet gate that is perfect for pet owners who need something compact and travel-friendly.

      Designed with an Easy Fit Locking System and pressure-mounted configuration, this pet gate is super easy to install and is perfect for doorways, hallways, or stairways. The metal frame makes it sturdy and long-lasting while the safety lock features ensure added security.

      The extra-wide size makes it a great choice for pet owners with medium to larger-sized dogs. This Carlson Lil Tuffy pet gate measures 38 x 1 x 18 in. with a 9 x 9 in. pet gate size and a slate size that is 1.75 in. wide.

      Baby gates are intended to keep your child safe and if you are a pet owner along with being a parent, then a baby gate with cat door or dog door is something that you should invest in to make things easier at home and keep your child and pet safe.

Definitely Use A Baby Gate With A Cat Door If You Have A Baby & A Cat

Overall, no matter which pet gate you choose just make sure you choose the one that is convenient enough for your pet to move in and out easily, easy to install, within your budget, and comes with good safety features. We hope this article helps you narrow down on the perfect baby gate for your home.