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Having a Mom Planner Changed My Life: Here’s How!

Being a mom is a hard job. With all the responsibilities one has to carry out every single day, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. But a great way to manage these responsibilities effectively is to get a mom planner. A mom planner can be a great tool for moms who want to stay organized and on top of their schedules. With a mom planner, you can manage your to-do list effectively and can prioritize the tasks that need

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Discover 7 Exciting Hobbies for Stay-at-Home Moms Today!

We all know what being a stay-at-home mom can be like. Challenging and demanding, and you might find it difficult to get some time for yourself, let alone try out easy hobbies. But hey, we all need a little “me-time”, and prioritizing self-care is important. Be it journaling or gardening, having to enjoy a low-effort stressbuster is something that all mothers crave. Who doesn’t want a little self-love and care? Having a hobby provides you with a creative yet productive

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10 Things Only A Boy Mom Can Relate To

People have debated, wondered, and been fascinated by the term “boy mom” since it was coined. In contrast to raising daughters or children of both sexes, a “boy mom” faces some challenges. From the pride of seeing their sons become men to the challenges of understanding and communicating with them, the boy mom’s life is rich with experiences worth writing about.  Having sons is both a blessing and a challenge, and this article will discuss the ups and downs of

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The Best ‘Going Home’ Outfit for Mom I’ve Ever Heard Of

Going back home after the long and tiring process of delivery feels like a gift from the heavens, and you can make it even more special by choosing a great outfit to go back to your home with a new family member. You can find many great options fitting your needs and style. You will see many options below, so keep on reading! When it comes to postpartum dressing, comfort, and support are key for new mothers. Maternity leggings are

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Mom Brain, Do You Have It? I Never Knew These Facts…

We are all familiar with the incredible journey of motherhood, full of profound changes and emotions. Nothing can quite prepare a woman for the physical and emotional rollercoaster that comes with pregnancy. Everyone is very well aware of the physical changes that take place during pregnancy, but very few of them know about the changes in the brain. Has any of you heard about “mom brain”? If not, I am sure most of you have already experienced it during and

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Does Pumping Burn Calories? This Is a CRAZY Number!

Pumping milk does burn calories; however, how many calories are burned varies from mother to mother. Overall, the number of calories one can burn in a day is around 200-600. Burning calories while breastfeeding or pumping is completely normal and could even be healthy since it helps breastfeeding mothers maintain weight gain and loss. Contrary to popular belief, pumping breast milk and breastfeeding burn an equal number of calories. Nursing mothers usually burn around 500 calories every day, and breastfeeding

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How To Write An Effective Letter to Child For Time Capsule

Writing a time capsule letter for your child is a beautiful way to connect with them and tell them stories of exact moments in their lives. Kids are always happy to hear stories of what they did when they were little, what happened, what they ate, how they behaved and so much more. A time capsule is a sweet way to keep track of these moments in life and can be a beautiful experience for them to read at a

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How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss Baby – #1 Successful Way

Grandmothers dream about holding their grandchildren since the day they give birth to their kids. It is justified to feel a little under pressure before asking them to avoid kissing your baby.  We will help prepare you to tell grandma not to kiss the baby. The best way to deal with this situation is to sit calmly with the baby’s grandma and explain the risks involved with kissing babies. You must explain to them that kissing can harm the baby’s

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My Mother in Law Acts Like She is Married to My Husband (Help!)

Marriage is all about commitment, but one should know that this commitment comes with obligations and compromises. You pledge to build a life with not only your husband but also his entire family,including your immediate in-laws. For many, the new adventure is full of blessings and positive emotions. But for others, this journey of devotion turns daunting if the mother-in-law turns out to be an awful one. Living with an anxious and possessive mother-in-law can be a nightmare. You may

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