Baby Girl Belly vs Baby Boy Belly: 3 Gender Prediction Myths

Pregnancy is a time of joy for women, both physically and emotionally. Baby bumps are fascinating too. Some women believe that the shape of their bellies can predict whether they are having a boy or a girl. Unproven theories suggest that the pregnant belly is different for boys and girls. Studies show the pregnant belly […]

QUESTION: Can Warm Baths Help Dilate For Labor? What I Found

Pregnant women usually have of concerns regarding labor. One of these concerns is related to labor induction. This is the process in which contractions in the uterine wall are promoted in order to start labor. It can be done naturally or through medication. As a pregnant woman nearing the due date, you may often look […]

When Do You Start Showing Second Pregnancy? It’s So Early!

It is very common for mothers to start showing an early baby bump after their frist pregnancy. They can see their baby bump sooner, as early as 12-14 weeks, when pregnant with their second baby. The baby bump progression is much more visible during the second trimester if you’ve had more than one baby as […]

When Does Pregnancy Start To Show – Chance Before 12 Weeks?

While it is different for every woman, it is highly unlikely that the baby bump will start to show earlier than 12 weeks. Usually, a baby bump shows up between 12 to 18 weeks. For some women, it can also be between 18 to 24 weeks. Week 16 to week 20 is when pregnant women start showing a pregnant belly. For women in their second pregnancy, the baby bump grows faster and so they can see the bump sooner. First-time moms have to wait a little longer than those who have had more than one baby.

Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles? Mystery Finally Solved!

Pregnancy cravings are very common and, sometimes, even healthy. Among the most common pregnancy cravings are pickles. Pickle cravings are reported by many women, and a lot of them wonder why pregnant women crave pickles, and this will be answered here. Numerous factors, like hormones, an enhanced perception of scents, and nutrient imbalances, might be […]

When to Announce Pregnancy -Is Miscarriage The Only Concern?

Pregnancy announcements need to be put on hold before you have actually experienced other important milestones. These are not only more significant but also prepare you to break the big news to your friends and family. You should at least wait 12 weeks of pregnancy so that the chance of a miscarriage has passed. This time is safe because most miscarriages occur during the first 6 to 8 weeks of gestation. After the 12th week, you are free to break the news to anyone. Of course, you can break the news to your parents at any time, regardless of the maturity of the pregnancy!

When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start? Sooner Than You Think…

Food cravings and aversions are a normal part of being pregnant. However, many new moms wonder about when pregnancy cravings start and whether they are normal or not. Know that they are totally normal for most women, and they begin as early as the first trimester. Pregnancy cravings are a need to eat specific foods, […]

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy? 5 tips

Pregnancy stretch marks are very common. They can make many women feel a bit self-conscious. The good news is that not only are stretch marks treatable, but one can also prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks typically develop on your stomach (as well as other body parts) between the sixth or seventh month of […]

What Is a Chemical Pregnancy? [5 SYMPTOMS YOU HAVE IT]

Pregnancy comes with many complications, and one must do their best to avoid as many as possible. A common question many women have is ‘what is a chemical pregnancy?’ This will be answered here. An early pregnancy loss that occurs prior to the fifth week is called a chemical pregnancy. Biochemical pregnancy can be detected […]

Challenges For Pregnant Petite Women & Effects On The Baby

Petite is an adjective used for small women. It is usually said as a compliment; however, when a tiny woman is pregnant, she’s known as a petite pregnant woman. Small women are known to be adorable and have their advantages. They can get clothes from the kid’s section, and guys of every height will be […]