Missed Twin Ultrasound Pictures: 4 Signs You Will Have Twins

Ultrasounds are a cause of relief, as they tell you how well your baby is doing. But you are concerned the moment you miss twins on the ultrasound pictures. How is that even possible? You wonder. The thing is, it is relatively common that a twin pregnancy is undetected in the initial ultrasounds. Research shows […]

Boy Ultrasound With Three Lines? [Confusion Solved]

Ultrasounds are pretty exciting events. You sharing a cute moment with your partner. Finding out how close you are to having your baby. And there’s also the thrill of finding out the baby’s gender. All of this sounds amazing. But what if an unforeseen event shows up, something like three lines with the baby boy’s […]

Nose Bleed in Pregnancy Boy or Girl: [Gender Revealed!]

Do you have a nosebleed? Could that mean you can tell your baby’s sex now? Well, gender reveal is a lot more complicated than a mere nosebleed. But why this nosebleed, then? Nose bleeding is not a sign of gender reveal but rather a symptom of hormonal changes occurring in the pregnant body. It can […]

Upper Back Pain Pregnancy: [HOW I GOT RID OF IT?]

Backache and pregnancy? Deadly combination. Upper back pain is common, at least 50% of pregnant women experience it, and it can prove very uncomfortable, not to mention altogether deadly. It is only natural that in such a situation, you want to know how to get rid of it. First of all, you should know that […]

Losing Hair During Pregnancy Boy or Girl? Myth or a Fact?

The changes in a pregnant woman’s behavior along with the normal symptoms of pregnancy are linked with different old wives’ tales that are used to guess the gender of the fetus. These myths have little to no truth in them. For example, excessive hair loss during pregnancy is said to be a sign of a girl fetus. While in reality, this hair loss is due to hormonal changes and postpartum hair loss is due to low levels of estrogen in the blood and has nothing to do with the gender of the baby. Hair loss is a normal symptom of pregnancy, experienced in the first trimester, and can’t be prevented. After labor, you can overcome this hair loss with different treatments.

Can You Use Icy Hot While Pregnant? What My Doctor Told Me

Yes, you can! Icy Hot topical painkillers work by blocking pain receptors with counterirritants to provide pain relief to slight aches. Products from Icy Hot are authorized to treat sprains, strains, joint discomfort, and muscular pain. Experiencing muscle and lower back pains is normal during pregnancy, and you can try several things, such as exercising, using a heating pad, or other methods like taking a warm bath. All of these are useful for sore muscles. Icy Hot should only be used externally. The mixture produces a chilly sensation that is then followed by warmth. Thus, it is “icy” at first and subsequently “hot.” The specific chemical dose varies depending on the product you choose, ranging from 2.5% menthol to 30% methyl salicylate.

Sore Throat Early Pregnancy Sign? YES That’s What I Was Told

When trying for a baby, any unusual symptom seems like it is pointing to early pregnancy. And then the frenzy of Internet research starts. The search goes something like this: Is sore throat one of the early pregnancy symptoms? A sore throat is not necessarily a symptom of pregnancy but may be due to a […]

Can You Use Vicks While Pregnant? [BE VERY CAUTIOUS]

Pregnancy can make you full-on paranoid. You are over-cautious even when using Vicks when experiencing flu symptoms. However, do you really have to be so cautious? What to do with the pesky sore throat that doesn’t let you lie down easily? Can you use Vicks while pregnant? Vicks Vapor Rub can offer magical relief to […]

Can You Take Theraflu While Pregnant? [READ THIS BEFORE]

The horror of experiencing cold symptoms when the season is in full swing is deadly on another level. Especially now that you are pregnant, you are in full-on panic mode as to whether you should just minimize the symptoms with some Theraflu or wait out the flu for a few days. While Theraflu is not […]

5 Causes Of Green Poop Pregnancy: My Experience…

Like many early pregnancy signs, green stool color is commonly reported. Pregnancy affects your entire body and makes your system go crazy. Green poop is only one of the symptoms of these effects, in my experience. While several reasons exist for green color poop, it is primarily the result of green food intake. In addition, […]