Hands Down the Best Toddler Piano Keyboards: My Choice!

Toddlers do understand the language of MUSIC. It is healing for them and a fantastic addition to their life. At the age when they are observing the world around them, when they can’t speak or show their talents, toddlers want to make the world know about their existence by making noise. It is believed that […]

Unlocking the Mystery: Why Does My Toddler Hit Me?

Many parents complain about their toddlers hitting them or others. This is, for the most part, a normal thing in their developmental journey. There are quite a few reasons why a toddler would hit others, and no, none of them are ‘the kids these days don’t know any manners.’ It is a normal part of […]

Cleaning Hacks 101: How To Keep A House Clean With A Toddler

This question is frequently asked by a lot of new moms. They worry that their homes might become messy and disorganized instead with a toddler around. It’s common for homes with kids to be messy, so there’s no need to feel ashamed, but make sure that your cleaning process and organizing your home are not […]

Help! My 4-Year-Old Poops in Pants and Doesn’t Care

If your 4-year-old poops in his pants and doesn’t care, you might get frustrated over his toilet training and poop accidents. Learning to poop and sitting in the toilet himself is a huge step in a child’s life. He needs his parents to be supportive and understand his condition in case he fails sometimes. Here […]

Birthday Ideas: 11 Unique Party Favors for 1-Year-Olds

A child’s 1st birthday party is one of the most memorable events for the parents. They always look forward to making it special with great party decor ideas and entertaining their guests with food and party favor bags for remembering the event their whole life. However, at some point, parents get stuck deciding the perfect […]

What Are Some Places to Take Toddler Near Me? 8 Ideas

It’s a great feeling to experience new things with your toddler. It not only refreshes the toddler’s mind but helps strengthen the connection between you two. If you are looking for ideas about activities you can do with your baby or searching for “places to take toddlers near me,” you’ve come to the right spot. […]

When Do Toddlers Stop Napping? Signs and Ages They Can Stop

You most likely remember the time your toddler used to sleep soundly during the day and night, having 2-3 naps a day. Research has shown that most toddlers start skipping their morning nap when they celebrate their first birthday, and when they turn 2, their nap time decreases. If you are also a parent of […]

Top 10 Ideas For Healthy and Easy Toddler Meals

It’s important for parents to assemble balanced, healthy meal recipes for their young ones – as they leave their feeding bottles behind and move towards a diet of solid food. Generally suggested daily servings for toddlers include a single serving of fruit, two and a half servings of veggies, one and a half servings of […]

Toddler Aggression When To Worry and What To Do About It?

For many parents and caregivers, toddler aggressiveness may be a difficult and worrisome problem. Toddlers are prone to violent conduct, such as punching, biting, or shoving, as they learn to manage their emotions and convey their demands. When this conduct becomes regular or severe, it might be the reason for worry. Understanding the reasons and […]

What Size Comes After 5t? Your Toddler’s Size Transition

When looking for toddler-sized clothing, many parents don’t know the right size to buy. Kids’ clothing sizes are not the same everywhere, and many clothing brands have different clothing sizes. So, what size should you buy, and how do you find the right size? In the United States, the size of kids’ clothes is based […]