Guide To Kid’s Shoes: What Size Shoe Does a 2 Year Old Wear?

With the addition of a new family member, parents have to navigate through concerns that may arise while looking after an infant, such as what size shoe infants wear. Toddlers are highly energetic and need shoes of the perfect size that not only have a good grip but also allow the developing body to grow. […]

Top 5 Toddler Girl Room Ideas on a Budget

Having a baby is a miraculous feeling, but it sure is also expensive. With medical bills, baby products, and health services, one is sure to lose track of their budget. But even so, wanting to bring your baby into a beautiful place is a dream for every parent, but one should not forget their budget. […]

I Noticed Toddler White Poop, Too Much Milk? Is This Bad?

A baby’s health is of utmost importance, and any sign of abnormalities should be taken seriously, as this could point to a serious medical condition. A common point of concern is when the toddler’s poop is not normal since it can point to a medical emergency. One of the most commonly mentioned issues by mothers […]

Moms Ask: Can a Toddler Sense Pregnancy? [Is it True or Not]

A positive pregnancy test may bring about doubt, worries, and anxiety. Take a few deep breaths. Whether this pregnancy is planned or not, there are important next steps you should consider taking. Many expectant moms admit they are more anxious, moody, and tired than usual. Anxious feelings can be induced by a pregnant mom’s toddler-aged […]

The Toddler Brushing Teeth Struggle is Real!

Many parents have experienced the hardship of a toddler cleaning his or her teeth at some point. While brushing, your toddler may not open his or her mouth, chomp down on the toothbrush, yell, or struggle. They make brushing teeth an uphill task. If you force them to do it when they do not like […]