7 Free Places to Have a Baby Shower Near Me

7 Free Places to Have a Baby Shower Near Me

Having a baby shower does not have to be too costly. There are many cheap baby shower venues to choose from where you can have your own shower or throw a surprise one for someone else. Here, we will look at some baby shower places that will help you save money and create a fun event too.

Using your or your friend’s house is a great idea for a baby shower. If the shower is done at the expecting mother’s place, someone should stay back and help her out with the cleaning. A community room is also a great place to have a beautiful baby shower.

What Is a Baby Shower

It is a get-together event for the celebration of the coming baby. It’s an opportunity for friends and family to come together to show support and love for the expecting parents and give them gifts they will need once the child comes into this world. A lot of people believe that baby showers are a modern thing, but they actually have a long history:

New mothers were honored in ancient Greece and Egypt with ceremonies that included sacrifices to various gods and goddesses. Presents were given to honor the mother and child and to bring them luck. Throughout the Medieval Ages, presents were given during a baby’s baptism, which was a significant community event. Godparents were normally in charge of presenting the gifts, which were often religious in nature.

Even during the Renaissance, women were lavishly celebrated for the birth of a child. Baby showers began taking shape during the Victorian era. They were held after the baby was delivered because pregnancy and delivery were subjects generally looked down upon. These events were usually tea parties with games and presents for the new mother.

Baby showers have become more prominent throughout time, notably in the United States. They became popular during and after World War I and World War II as a method for loved ones to give financial support to new parents in times in economic distress. The modern baby shower is becoming a popular ritual in many cultures all over the world. They provide an opportunity to celebrate a new start and to show your love and support to the parents.

When Should You Have a Baby Shower

There’s no hard and fast rule about when it is appropriate to hold a baby shower. Most people, though, like to host it around a month before the baby is due.

  1. This is mostly so the guests can know the baby’s gender when buying gifts.
  2. Another reason is that the risk of miscarriage goes down at the end of pregnancy.
  3. The parents also usually have a clear idea of what they need for the baby and can ask their friends and family for help.

How Can You Find Out About Free Places You Can Host a Baby Shower At?

How Can You Find Out About Free Places You Can Host a Baby Shower At?

There are several ways to find free places to have a baby shower:

  • You can start by asking your friends and family if they have a space available.
  • A local park or a community center may also have free or low-cost event spaces available to reserve.
  • A botanical garden can also be a nice and budget-friendly option.
  • Certain restaurants or cafés could provide free or cheap event spaces in exchange for buying meals or drinks for the event.
  • Internet listings and event management websites can offer free or low-cost event locations in your region.

7 Free Places to Host Baby Shower Near Me

A Garden

If it is summertime, one of the easiest and most convenient options is to have an outdoor party in a garden. A garden can look beautiful with just a few decorations and provide a good natural touch to the party too. It is also much easier to manage, which seems like a blessing when you are in the last stages of pregnancy.


If it is peak winter or summer, or maybe the weather is just unpredictable, then home is your best bet. There is no fancy set-up required, you will be in your home all the time, and it will be completely free. You can also choose someone else’s home. When you’re pregnant, it’s all about finding the nearest bathroom, not nice restaurants and venues.

A Park

A picnic-themed baby shower is also not a bad idea. You will need none at all or maybe some minimal decorations and food. You can bring games and some props and have your loved ones enjoy a beautiful afternoon (make sure it is weather permitting).

The Beach

During the spring/summer seasons, a beach is a lovely setting for a baby shower. Arrange a beach baby shower with a flowery dress code and a lot of good vibes, and don’t forget the ice cream. Before you set the time, though, make sure the tides will not cause problems.

A Restaurant or Cafe

If you don’t have too many people to invite, try booking a table at your favorite café or restaurant for the baby shower. There is no need to pay for the full venue, only the meals and drinks. If your group is a little big, you even get bulk discounts. You can play a game, decorate the table, and take photographs. An afternoon tea might also be a great alternative.

Unused Co-Working/Community Spaces

Try asking about co-working places or vacant communal venues, especially on weekends. If you have a huge guest list, the venue owners may actually rent it to you for free, which could benefit both sides. For example, if they are freelancers or professionals, they can gain social media attention or possibly guests who are attracted to the co-working space.

Come and Go Baby Shower

If you’re concerned about not having enough space to host a baby shower at someone’s home, consider having a “come and go” baby shower. The event would last longer, but guests could visit for a set amount of time and then leave to make room for others. This is a better idea if you have friends from different social circles.

How Do You Host a Baby Shower on a Budget?

You can try many things to host a baby shower on a budget:

Home party

You can host the baby shower at home. You won’t have to worry about any venue fees, and it allows you to purchase your own food and drinks, doubling the savings. Hosting at home also gives you more scheduling flexibility, so you won’t feel pressured to clean up and leave quickly as you would at a restaurant or event space.

Choose a backyard

You can also have your baby shower in a backyard or a patio. It will have a lot of areas to move around and beautiful scenery too. You can also look for a clubhouse for a change of space.

Don’t invite too many guests

By limiting the guest list to close family and friends, you can focus on creating a more customized experience for the mom-to-be and her guests. This allows for more genuine interactions and relationships, as well as more time for the expecting parent to spend with every guest. Moreover, a limited guest list might make it easier to organize and manage the event on a budget.

Use digital invotations

Sending digital invitations through SMS or email instead of conventional paper invites will save you a lot of money and effort. With services like HobNob, Evite, and Paperless Post, you can use free tools or pay a small fee for more intricate designs. These platforms also make controlling attendance easier since visitors may RSVP with a single tap from their smartphone.

Set the right time

To save money on food, consider holding the baby shower when visitors will not expect a full dinner. A late-morning celebration is a cost-effective alternative since you may serve coffee, juice, and snacks like fruits and pastries. When deciding on a time, consult with the expectant mother to confirm it works for her.

Build your own bar

To save time and money, create homemade food and drink bars that are simple and easy to make. A taco bar is an example of a customizable alternative that is light and fresh and offers a wide range of toppings. You can choose many other foods and drinks that don’t need hours of preparation and can just be put together on the spot. Not only will it be more budget-friendly, but you will not have to worry about working for hours on the food or spending money to hire someone to do this for you.

Make the cake simple

Avoiding pricey, gourmet selections from posh bakeries will allow you to save a great deal of money on a baby shower cake. So, either try getting a gorgeous cake from a local grocery shop or wholesale club and have it customized at a lower price. This is perfect for those who do not have much time left for cake prep and décor.

Build your own floral arrangements

Flowers are a lovely complement to any gathering, but they may be costly if purchased from a specialist florist. Try purchasing flowers that match your color theme at a reasonable price from local farmers’ stalls or grocery shops and creating your own bouquets. Dollar stores also sell inexpensive vases.

Use the internet for decor

Print free baby shower décor and games: The internet is an excellent supply of free baby shower decorations, such as baby shower bingo cards, gift tags, cuisine labels, and so much more. This choice is not only less expensive, but it also lets you modify and customize the decor and activities to match the theme of your party.

Use coupons

Coupons can help a great deal in reducing your overall cost when purchasing DIY décor goods from both a thrift store and a party supplier online. Take full advantage of craft businesses’ weekly deals and digital coupons. You can also download money-saving programs that alert you when a coupon is open for the store you want.

Edible favors

Handmade sweets are a wonderful and affordable alternative to party treats. Make a simple cake or a more complicated dessert like a marshmallow rattle pop. You can find many websites that provide free recipes and recommendations.

Giving out gift cards as prizes

Using prizes in baby shower games may add a fun element to the celebrations. Instead of pricey presents, consider sending inexpensive gift cards to popular businesses or restaurants. You can also use sites that provide reduced or cashback gift card choices.

How Small is Too Small For Baby Shower

Gone are the days of traditional, large baby showers with 60 or 80 attendees, as people have smaller social circles and parties can be expensive. Nowadays, mothers-to-be are opting for more intimate baby showers with fewer guests.

Planning a small baby shower may seem daunting, but there is no set number for how small a baby shower can be. Even with just a few guests, you can plan a meaningful and enjoyable event, such as a lunch with close friends, a meet-the-baby gathering, or a fun tea party.

How Many Guests Is Normal For A Baby Shower?

Everyone has a different idea about how they want their baby shower to be, but most ladies feel that 15 to 30 women are the ideal amount for a traditional baby shower or 30-40 people in total for a coed shower. The final decision comes down to how big your social circle is, how big your family is, and your personal preference.

Bottom Line

A baby shower is done to celebrate the beginning of a new life with your friends and family members. You can save money easily while having a beautiful gathering with your loved ones. You can have an at-home party, get a booking in a local restaurant, choose a nice place for a picnic, have a garden or a backyard decorated, or look into community centers and even libraries. If you live away from your friends and family (in a different city or country), you can even host a virtual baby shower because it is the spirit that counts. All in all, your focus should be on celebrating the new life that is about to start.