10 Best Gender Reveal Gifts Ideas: [What NOT to Bring?]

10 Best Gender Reveal Gifts Ideas: [What NOT to Bring?]

When going to a gender reveal party, it is important a gift that fits the occasion. However, choosing the right gift is much harder than it sounds. There are so many great and practical options to choose from that you are bound to get a bit overwhelmed. This article will help you determine the right gender reveal gift to fit the occasion.

When buying gifts for a gender reveal, your focus should be on the parents rather than the child. It is also possible that the parents won’t want you to bring gifts to a gender reveal since many prefer to get gifts at a baby shower instead. If you are looking for reveal gifts, then the ones having mom or dad in mind are a good idea.

Are You Supposed to Take a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

Wondering if you need to bring a gift to a gender reveal party? It’s not necessarily expected, but it is definitely a sweet gesture to celebrate finding out the gender of the baby. If you choose to take one, it is important that the gift is according to the preferences and expectations of the expecting parents. Some may request no gifts, while others might have a specific theme or request for the kind of gifts they would like to receive.

If the party is an intimate event, where only close friends and families are invited, then buying a small gift is definitely a good idea. This could be something like a baby blanket, a set of onesies, or a stuffed animal. If the party is more of a casual thing, then gifts aren’t really necessary. Also, you need to buy a gift according to the size of the celebration. If the gender reveal is a part of the baby shower, then buying a larger gift would be more appropriate. However, if it is an additional event, then a small gift or even no gift at all would be fine.

Also, you must respect the hosts’ wishes. The hosts might not want gifts; instead, they might want you to make some sort of donation or bring a dish. In that case, follow their requests and do things that will be meaningful to them. You can also ask other attendees if they are bringing any gifts to the gender reveal and get a good idea from there. Or the easiest way would be to directly contact the hosts, though don’t be too obvious when asking them about the gift. They might think that you don’t want to bring gifts, so it is a slight gamble.

What Not to Take as a Gift to a Gender Reveal

When selecting a present to take to a gender reveal party, keep the preferences of the parents-to-be in mind and select items that are fitting for the occasion. While bringing a gift is not required, it could be an act that expresses your excitement and enthusiasm for the baby’s impending birth. Knowing what sorts of presents to avoid is also important:

Gender-specific gifts: These are not ideal for a gender reveal party since the whole point is to celebrate a pregnancy that has, thus far, been gender neutral. Gifts should not be in gender-specific colors like blue or pink. Also, avoid any gender-specific toys, like dolls or toy guns, etc.

Oversized gifts: Gifts that will be hard to handle and move are also not a good option. The hosts will need to take the gifts back to their homes, and they should be easily able to do so. If your gift is too big, it will be difficult for them to take it back home or even fit it in their homes since they will also have many other gifts, too.

Inappropriate gifts: This goes without saying, but any gifts with harsh language or imagery should be avoided. Also, avoid any gifts which are actually for adults, like alcohol.

Over-the-top gifts: There is no need to go broke trying to get a good gift. Just a small, practical gender reveal gift is perfect.

What Kind of Gifts to Take to a Gender Reveal Party

What Kind of Gifts to Take to a Gender Reveal Party

When attending a gender reveal party, it’s always shows goodwill to bring a present to display your support and anticipation for the baby. But selecting the right present might be difficult when the baby’s gender is uncertain. These are some general guidelines to follow when selecting gifts for a gender reveal party:

Gender-neutral items

When choosing a gift for a gender reveal party, consider gender-neutral items. The entire purpose of these events is to celebrate the impending birth of a baby, regardless of whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Regardless of the baby’s gender, it’s important to pick presents that are suitable and fun. Looking for stuff in neutral tones, like white, gray, or yellow, is one of the simplest and most effective ways to find gender-neutral presents. These colors are ideal since they are appropriate for both boys and girls and do not adhere to gender norms. Consider buying goods with gender-neutral patterns, like animals, stars, or stripes. These designs are adorable and have nothing to do with gender.


Another smart approach to selecting a present for a gender reveal party is to consider practicality. Anything that can make the lives of new parents simpler is always welcomed because they already have a lot on their plates with the due date so near and a new person about to be a part of their lives. Diaper bags, burp cloths, and containers are always handy and you can’t go wrong. You might also choose soothing products for the baby.

Customize and personalize

Consider personalized things if you’re hoping to buy something more unique. You could pick a customized baby blanket with the child’s last name or customized onesies. They are not only one-of-a-kind and considerate, but they may also serve as treasured souvenirs for the family to remember the event.

Keep your budget in mind

It is also important to remember your budget while selecting presents. You don’t have to spend a great deal of cash on a present to express your love and joy for the soon-to-be parents. There are so many inexpensive gift ideas that are both useful and tasteful. You may, for example, put together a basket of baby supplies, such as diapers, tissues, and wipes, or you could handcraft a present such as a baby blanket.

Check-in with the parents to be

Next, confirm with the hosts or even other guests that your present is suitable. They could have personal preferences or ideas for presents, or they may give you an idea about what everyone else will be bringing.

Ultimately, when selecting presents for a gender reveal party, look for gender-neutral products that are functional, customized, and affordable. Keep the parents’ tastes in mind, and don’t be hesitant to ask for thoughts or recommendations. You can pick a present that reflects your support and enthusiasm for the baby’s birth with a little thought and effort.

10 Best Gender Reveal Gifts Ideas

Buying the perfect gender reveal gift is a difficult task, and most of this difficulty is due to the fact that the gender of the baby is unknown. However, it is actually much easier than what many people believe. There are hundreds of gender-neutral options on the market which are affordable, practical, and will make for a great gift. Here are ten of the best gender reveal gift ideas:

Diaper Bag

A high-quality diaper bag is a useful and nice gender-reveal gift idea. But not all diaper bags are made equal, and you must pick one that is both useful and fashionable. When shopping for a diaper bag, opt for one with a lot of pouches and sections. Another element to consider when selecting a diaper bag is whether it is made of good material. Overall, a high-quality diaper bag is a useful and nice present for new parents.

Baby Blankets

Warm and cuddly baby blankets are a functional and considerate present that expecting parents will adore. Opt for blankets made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, that will feel pleasant on the baby’s delicate skin.

Stroller Organizer

Another useful present that new parents will enjoy is a stroller organizer. Choose an organizer with compartments to keep things like keys, mobile phones, and bottles. This will be a much-needed and much-appreciated gift.


Baby onesies are another great present that parents will enjoy. Choose onesies in neutral tones like white, beige, or green, or ones with beautiful gender-neutral patterns, including pets or stripes.

Baby Books

Books always make a nice present for new parents, and there are plenty of alternatives that are suitable for a gender reveal party. Choose books that highlight the positivity of having a baby, or select classic kids’ stories that the baby will enjoy for many years.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a useful present that allows parents to have their hands free while keeping the newborn close. Consider choices such as a blanket or a sling that will be convenient for both the parent and the baby.

Bath Time Essentials

Bath time is a must for any baby’s routine, and there are many gift choices to make bath time more fun for both the newborn and the parents. You can try looking for cute towels, different bath toys, or gentle soaps and shampoos for the baby. 

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a present that will give new parents a sense of security by letting them monitor and keep tabs on their baby when they are in a different room. There are many options to choose from, and some have added features like temperature sensors while some are basic video monitors. Both are good options.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is pretty much the best gift for a mom-to-be who plans to breastfeed. It is extremely practical and useful. Make sure that the pillow is comfortable and provides a lot of support. There are so many options to choose from, and you can decide which one will suit the mother best.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a great gender reveal gift. You can get inspired from any social media site and make cute blankets, clothes, towels, etc. A gift box or something for the baby’s nursery is also a great gift idea.

In conclusion, when choosing a gender reveal gift, consider practical items that new parents will appreciate, like a diaper bag, baby blanket, or stroller organizer. You can also choose items that will make bath time more enjoyable, like hooded towels or bath toys, or opt for personalized gifts like a customized baby book or a personalized onesie. With a little thought and effort, and a little looking around, you can choose a gift that shows your support and excitement for the new addition to the family.

Bottom Line

When buying a gender reveal gift, your focus should be on the expectant parents. You must follow proper etiquette for the baby gift. Remember that the gift should not be inappropriate, too big, or impractical. The gift should somehow relate to the baby or parenthood, not to the parents as individuals. When selecting a gender reveal present, think about practical items that new parents would appreciate, such as a diaper bag, baby blanket, or stroller organizer. You could also pick products that will make bath time more fun, such as hooded towels or bath toys, or personalized presents, such as a personalized baby book or a personalized onesie. You should pick a present that conveys your support and joy for the family’s newest member.