Long-Distance Pregnancy Announcement

Long-Distance Pregnancy Announcement

Congratulations Mama! You are pregnant and that’s amazing news! The moment you see the positive pregnancy test, we are sure you and your partner can’t wait to share this beautiful news with your immediate family members and friends.

Once you find out you are pregnant how will you tell your family and friends is one of the first things that come to your mind. While dropping by and surprising them in person is the best pregnancy announcement ever, this may not always be possible if you live in different cities, countries, or simply far away. But don’t worry, we have put together some of the best, funniest and sweetest ways for you to make your pregnancy announcement. From leaving your long-distance grandparents’ little keepsakes to making video calls with accidental slip-ups, our blog has some very creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

Whether you want to share this wonderful news with the grandparents-to-be, siblings, uncles, aunties, or friends, we have some of the cutest ways for everyone. Even though you can’t be there in person, you can make your long-distance pregnancy announcement just as thoughtful and personal with some of these amazing ideas.

Long-Distance Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents

Usually, the first reveal is always the grandparents. You would already be thinking of how you will announce pregnancy as it can be very emotional for both sides. This is one announcement, you probably want to put the most thought into. We are sure you want to make this special for them and would love to hear or see their reaction. But at the same time you would want to send them something special as well because obviously, this is big news!

So, here are some ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents.

1. FaceTime or Video Chat

The best way is to FaceTime your parents like you would usually do. Be casual and talk like you would do usually about the day, weather, or your favorite game. But keep a onesie that says “We are pregnant” ready. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, tell them you want to share some news, and ta-da!! Show the onesie!!

Imagine the look on their faces… they are sure to be so delighted. We are sure there would be a lot of happy tears and virtual hugs and kisses. This way you can see their reaction and be with them (virtually) when you announce your pregnancy.

2. Send Them A Package

If you wish to surprise your parents and at the same time send them something special, then this is a great idea. Send them a package with a note that says “FaceTime Me before opening the package”.

You can send them Grandma to be and Grandpa to be t-shirts and when they FaceTime you with a confused look, just ask them to open the package! We are sure you would love to see their reactions change from confused to absolute delight to know that they are going to be grandparents soon! Knowing that their baby is old enough to have a baby is a special feeling for parents and you can capture this moment even if you live long distance with this cute pregnancy announcement idea. They will love to show off their newfound titles by wearing the t-shirt the next time they are meeting their friends.

You can even send them a pacifier, baby shoes, or a baby blanket to make this whole announcement fun!

3. Pregnancy Announcements With Keepsakes

You can make the announcement special by sending them something thoughtful that they can use every day or something that will be a great reminder of all the fun, love, and happiness that awaits them.

Send them mugs that say “Grandma To Be” & “Grandpa To Be”, every time they use it they will start counting the days! You can even send them a calendar with your due date marked and add a sweet note saying how many weeks to go until they are grandparents! A cute and sweet way to make long-distance pregnancy announcements to your parents.

4. Send Them A Video

You can record a video with your partner announcing your pregnancy and even add a sweet message of how you are feeling and how you can’t wait to tell your parents in person. Sharing your pregnancy news with them on video will make them feel special and the grandparents to be would also get to see you feeling all emotional.

While video calls are a great option, recording a video, especially for the grandparents to be, adds a personal touch and makes the announcement all the sweeter.

Pregnancy Announcement To Siblings

No matter how much they annoy you, your brother or sister is someone who would be over the moon when they hear this big news! They are, after all, your first friends and the baby’s uncle or aunt! Whether you and your partner have older siblings or younger ones, you want to come up with a way that will make them feel involved and special. Announcing the news to a family member is always emotional but you can choose to go the fun way when it comes to siblings. Here are a few fun ideas.

1. Flash The Ultrasound Photo

Get on a video call or FaceTime with your sibling/siblings and mid-conversation hold up a picture of your ultrasound photo and catch them completely off guard. You would love to see their baffled and surprised look! Getting on a video call is the closest thing to being able to see your loved one’s reactions in real-time especially when you are making such a big announcement.

When they are trying to deal with this information just add, “How do you feel about being an aunt or uncle?”. Just the perfect way to make them feel special and include them in your big news. You can even use a pregnancy test instead of an ultrasound picture.

2. Family Game Night

Plan a family game night with just your siblings and cousins on FaceTime and when everyone has joined in, simply announce that you want to share something. Flash an adorable onesie that says, “We are pregnant” and see everyone just go crazy with this happy news.

Pregnancy Announcement For Long Distance Friends

Long-Distance Pregnancy Announcement

Friends like family who are soon going to be uncles and aunties deserve fun and cute pregnancy announcement. If your bestie stays far away, then you would want to break this special news in a fabulous way that will make them feel special as well. So, here are some fun and sweet ways to announce pregnancy to friends.

1. Pregnancy Announcement Jigsaw Puzzle

Keep it interesting and fun by sending your friends this cute jigsaw puzzle. You can send them this gift and once they put the pieces together, they would be able to see the hidden message – “We are expecting/pregnant”. You can even personalize it with a fun message like – Baby (last name) coming soon or Baby (last name) and the due date.

This jigsaw puzzle makes a great way to tell your friends this big news.

2. FaceTime Slip-Ups

FaceTime your friends and while talking accidentally mention that you are doing well but are just a little bummed that you can’t eat sushi anymore for the next nine months or can’t even look at the wine bottle for quite some time now! It might take them a while to grasp what you are saying but it is just super fun! These sudden mid-conversation slip-ups are fun and you will surely have a great time watching your friend trying to decode what you are saying.

If you are more of a show and tell person, then somewhere in the middle of the conversation, you can suddenly focus the video on a pregnancy test lying on the couch or even a baby onesie and wait for their reaction. These make great pregnancy announcements!

3. Promotion Notice Cards

Cards are never too old-fashioned and when you send your friend a promotion notice card, you are sure to have their attention. Send them a promotion notice card and ask them to FaceTime or call you before opening it and see their reaction when they read they are getting promoted to uncle or auntie!

A promotion card and personalized pregnancy announcement card are classics and such a cute way to announce a baby’s arrival.

4. Pregnancy Announcement Photo

Click a picture of you and your husband with the card showing the due date, an adorable baby onesie, or even holding the sonogram picture and send it to your long-distance family and friends. This makes a cute and personalized way to announce a pregnancy. They would feel like they are part of this special occasion.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Family Members

Sometimes you want to go the unusual way and if you are someone who wants to make your pregnancy announcement in a fun way then here are some brilliant ideas.

  1. A creative and funny way to announce it to your friends is by buying a jar of Prego Pasta sauce and clicking a photo of you and your partner holding it. Simply edit it to include “We are” and send the picture to your friends! Keep them guessing! They will surely be a little lost looking at the picture initially but once they realize you are sure to be laughing and sharing happy tears on video chat.
  2. Send your friends or family members and friends personalized pregnancy announcement cards. You can get one of those scratch-me cards that reveal “You are going to be grandma and grandpa” for Grandparents, “How do you feel about being uncle or auntie” for siblings, or “baby coming soon” for friends and in general. A pregnancy reveal card is one of the sweetest and funniest pregnancy announcement ideas.
  3. If you already have older children, then you can make this announcement fun and quirky by sending a picture of your family to friends and future grandparents with your child holding the message “Big Sister to be” or “Big Brother to be”.
  4. If you are planning on sharing this special moment with the rest of the world as well then a social media post to announce your pregnancy makes a great idea. This way you can tell all your long-distance relatives, friends and people you know in one go.

There are so many creative ways to do it. Like, post an image of you and your partner with the message “oops we did it again!”, if you already have an older child. Other awesome idea includes a picture of you guys with a due date or ultrasound photo.

Wrapping Up

Being pregnant and being a mom is a life-changing journey. Having your whole family with you on this journey will make a world of a difference. So, hold on to this big news a little while longer and plan and make this big announcement to your family and friends in creative ways.

We have listed some of the best pregnancy announcements for you here and we hope that they inspire and help you make this big reveal as grand as possible.

Once you are done with the announcements, get going on those baby things, create the baby registry checklist, join that prenatal yoga class and start taking care of yourself. Make the most of this beautiful journey because while motherhood is exciting so are these nine months!