Did Someone Say Mermaid Birthday Party? Dresses, Cake & More

Did Someone Say Mermaid Birthday Party? Dresses, Cake & More

Throwing a birthday party is a wonderful idea. Whether it’s the birthday of an 18-year-old or an 8-year-old, a birthday must be celebrated with joy. You must consider many things about the party’s theme as a host. Mermaid-themed birthday parties are now in trend and are more exciting than regular parties. 

Make your child’s special day memorable with magical and mesmerizing concepts where tables are lined with seashells and specially crafted mermaid cake rests. So, roll up your sleeves and start planning for the party and give a surprise party to your child. And invite your guests and ask them to dress like sea creatures and explore the whimsical sea world on land. 

What Is A Mermaid Birthday Party?

A mermaid birthday party is a fun and magical celebration that takes inspiration from mermaids, the mythical creatures of the sea. This theme makes the ocean come alive and is enjoyed by both kids and adults.

It is all about the underwater world. The decorations, activities, and costumes are all related to it. The party space should have ocean-like colors like light blues and light greens. There should also be shiny mermaid party supplies like pearls, seashells, and balloon garlands for DIYs.

The birthday child and the guests should be dressed in sea creatures costumes, such as wearing seashell crowns, mermaid tails, or fancy dresses to look alike. Fun activities should be arranged for the kids, like hide and seek, making crafts, finding mermaid party favors, or doing mermaid makeup.

The party is incomplete without delicious snacks and drinks. You can offer ocean-themed snacks such as biscuits or cookies shaped like Swedish fish, sea-inspired birthday cake, or crab-shaped macarons.

How Do You Throw A Mermaid-Themed Birthday Party?

Planning a mermaid theme birthday party is fun. Let’s have a look at mermaid birthday party ideas to help you make it a memorable success:

  1. Choose a wonderful party location. That can be your home, a water park, a seashore, or a pool.
  2. Decorate the area with the colors like blue and green to create an underwater feel. You can use balloons and seashell decorations to make the area look fancy. Fishnet and fairy lights can also be used to create an aquatic fantasy.
  3. Mermaid-themed invitation cards for the guest will enhance the fun.
  4. Sealife-inspired costumes like mermaids, sea monsters, or pirates will spice up the environment.
  5. For entertainment purposes, mermaid-themed games must be planned. Games like a treasure chest, relay races, and pool dance are enjoyable options. Activities like face painting can be a great addition to your party.
  6. Ocean-themed snacks like goldfish crackers or starfish cupcakes are a wonderful way to make your party attractive.

How Should The Birthday Kid Dress For Mermaid Party?

A birthday dress is very significant for the birthday girl or a boy. Mermaid parties are mostly for girls, and boys mostly prefer pirate parties. There are various options for girls to dress up for their mermaid party to become the center of attention.

Mermaid tail costumes are the best option for the mermaid party. Use shiny and glittery fabric for the dress that resembles the mermaid’s tail. You can also add pearls and shells to give it a 3D touch. Add some accessories like a beaded headband or peals necklace and bracelets and some shimmery makeup to enhance the costume.

What Are Some Ideas For A Mermaid Birthday Party?

Mermaid birthday parties offer a wonderful opportunity to create an underwater world for the birthday child and their friends. First, invite guests to a spectacular celebration with sparkling seashell-adorned invites. Make the party location resemble an aquatic paradise using pastel colors like blues, greens, teals, and purples. Use seashells and starfish toys, balloons, and cascading streamers as decorations. Provide guests with seashell crowns and shimmering mermaid tails to enhance the ethereal ambiance.

Consider providing a large “mermaid lagoon” pool for the kids to play in and plan underwater-themed activities such as “Pin the Mermaid Tail” or a treasure hunt. Make mermaid-themed munchies for your little guests, such as fish-shaped sandwiches, cupcakes with mermaid tails, and seashell-shaped cookies.

How Do I Decorate For A Mermaid Birthday Party?

How Do I Decorate For A Mermaid Birthday Party?

Suppose you are short of ideas for the birthday party. Check out some suggestions for mermaid birthday party ideas below!

Select the color scheme and background: For a perfect mermaid decor, a nice background is necessary, and a color scheme is the basic thing. So picking pastel colors like purple, blue, coral, and metallic silver for the party is appropriate. You can use a mermaid background or ocean backdrop for photography.

Sea-themed decorations: Sea-inspired decorations are best for mermaid-inspired parties. You would need mermaid party supplies like banners, balloons, shells, pearls, and sea creatures like octopuses, crabs, or jellyfish that your guest can take home as party favors.

Decorate the table: A themed party table for a birthday cake and other ocean snacks is one of the easiest ways to make a statement. Birthday bites look delicious on a pastel blue mermaid scale tablecloth.

Music: Your mermaid party is incomplete without music. Entertain your guest with some water music, songs like a baby shark, or the Mermaid Song.

Snacks and treats: Making snacks for the guests in the shapes of water creatures is one of the best mermaid party ideas. Bake macarons shaped like a clamshell, bake a biscuit like a mermaid tail, or starfish-shaped sugar cookie.

Drinks: As per the sea theme, serving blue water at the mermaid party is cool. Add a little blue food color to the lemonade or fruit juice to give it an aqua color.

Party Favors: With a fun gift bag, you can prolong the magic of your birthday party:

  • Ink tattoos are a one-of-a-kind gift for your little guests.
  • Hand-crafted colorful bubble wands can also make a good gift.
  • DIY mermaid bracelets can also evoke mermaid memories for the guests.

What Kind Of Snacks Should I Serve At A Mermaid Birthday Party?

At the mermaid party, give your guests some mermaid-themed snacks. As your little ones must be hungry after a fun party activity, you should have something attractive to serve them. Many kids don’t like seafood at a birthday party, but they would not ignore a starfish-shaped cookie. Here are some mermaid party ideas for snacks.

  1. Make a sugar biscuit using a shell cutter, and add pastel frosting and some glitter to attract kids.
  2. Oyster shell cookies can also be made if your kid likes cookies instead of biscuits. You need to put the cookie dough in the oyster shell shape container and bake the cookie.
  3. You can make a pretzel in the shape of a mermaid’s tail covered with chocolate and add some sprinkles to it.
  4. You can make blue-colored Jell-O for under-the-sea snacks to complement the mermaid birthday party. Adding candy, bubbles, and edible sea creatures like fish in the Jell-O is a great option.
  5. Goldfish crackers are the best snack for a party with a mermaid theme.
  6. A pasta treasure is wonderful for a mermaid party. Cook colorful pasta with vegetables, cheese, and chicken to make it a fun dish.
  7. Blue lemonade is perfect for a mermaid party. Add some blue color to the lemonade and some edible underwater creatures made of gelatin to enhance the theme.

What Kind Of Cake Should I Have For A Mermaid Birthday Party?

A birthday is incomplete without a cake; a mermaid party must have a mermaid birthday cake. One popular idea for a mermaid cake is to place a doll on top of the cake, with a long and pretty tail flowing down the sides. To make a mermaid cake, you have two options use a mermaid doll or use a regular doll and make the tail from the frosting.

A dome shape is the best for the mermaid cake. If you are using a regular doll, wrap saran around the legs. Make a hole at the top of the cake and put the legs of the doll in it. After this, fill the cake with pastel frosting of different colors and sprinkle some glitter and make some patterns on it to give a 3D effect.

Now it’s time to make the tail. You can either use frosting or fondant for this purpose. After making the fondant tail attach it to the body and add the frosting of your choice. You can make your cake attractive by adding sprinkles and pearl candies. The mermaid theme cake is ready!

What Kind Of Games Should I Play At A Mermaid Birthday Party?

Adding games to your mermaid party is a wonderful idea. You can also add party favors for every game.

Pool games: There are a variety of pool games your kids can play at the birthday party. Options like:

  • Swimming race.
  • Find the mermaid’s tail in the pool.
  • Collect pearls from the bottom of the pool. The kid with the most pearls will win the game.
  • Volleyball in the pool.

Treasure hunt: Hide some party favors around the area and give each kid a let them find as many things as they can.

Save the sea creatures: You need s large blue sheet or tablecloth for this game, along with some plastic sea creatures for every kid. Spread the sheet over the sea creatures. Shake the edge of the sheet to create waves for the kids playing. Inform the mermaids that fishermen have stolen all marine life, and they must work together to save it. Specify a mermaid. Grab a sea creature, dive under the blanket, and launch it into the swells. Let the mermaids catch the creature. Call out their names and throw the sea creature until it returns to the ocean again.

Mermaid Tail Race: This is a kind of sac race, but instead of the sac, use the mermaid’s tail.

Fishing: For this game, you would need some party supplies. Making this game is simple. Draw the fish shapes on colored paper and cut them. Make a hole for the paperclip and attach the paperclip to the fish. Use a wooden rod to attach the string before hot-gluing a round magnet to it. The game is ready.

Pool dance: Turn the mermaid song on and jump in the pool. Ask someone to stop the music after every 15 seconds, and when the music stops, every kid in the pool must stop and try to maintain that position. The kid moving will lose.

How Can I Make A Mermaid Tail For A Costume?

The dress code is very important in mermaid parties, so it’s necessary to make a mermaid tail for a costume that you can walk in easily. As a mermaid’s tail can make your walk difficult, you should take small steps to wear a mermaid dress.

It is very easy to make a mermaid tail if you can not afford to buy one. It is just like a tight skirt from the thighs and loose from the bottom. You can also add a monofin to the skirt that you can remove anytime.

What Are Some Mermaid-Themed Crafts For A Birthday Party?

Themed crafts can enhance the fun at the mermaid birthday parties. There are some mermaid birthday party ideas for themed crafts.

  1. Sand art is a fun craft. Use colorful sand and small bottles to create beautiful decorations and accessories.
  2. Make seashell jewelry that you can give as party favors. The jewelry is easy to make. All you need is to make a hole in the shells and start making beautiful necklaces or bracelets with the help of a cord. You can also introduce this jewelry-making as an activity where your guests can make their own pieces.
  3. You can make stationery items too. Make a mermaid tail ballpen cap. All you have to do is to cut a hard piece of paper in the mermaid tail shape. Color it as you like and flaunt your craft.

Final Thoughts

A mermaid-themed birthday party is a fun and magical way to celebrate your kid’s special occasion. Every aspect of the celebration, from the glitzy outfits and accessories to the delicious mermaid-inspired treats, can be infused with the wonder of the underwater world. Dressing like a mermaid and being the center of attention, the birthday girl will enjoy the immersive experience. Creative decorations, activities, and unique touches like a mermaid cake, the ocean background will complement the aquatic realm full of wonder and joy.