No Attention, Just Private Gender Reveal Ideas For Husband

No Attention, Just Private Gender Reveal Ideas For Husband

Got the exciting news about your baby’s gender? You must be thrilled! It doesn’t matter whether you are having a baby boy or a girl; you are going to love him or her to bits. There are tons of private gender reveal ideas that could make your husband crazy happy and love you even more.

At this pregnancy stage, you will get a lot of attention and advice. Therefore, it is okay not to crave any attention when it comes to a gender reveal. You can keep things private and only do a gender reveal for your husband. After all, he has probably been ignored the entire time you’ve been in the limelight. He deserves a little attention, too. 

But how to go about it? Well, we have a few ideas for you!

  • You can add a pink or blue colored bowtie to your sonogram and place it on your husband’s bedside table or another place where he’ll undoubtedly notice it.
  • Leave him a note with a celebratory drink that says what you guys are having.
  • Make use of a smoke bomb. You can use a pink or blue theme according to your baby’s gender.

Keep reading for more ideas!

Private Gender Reveal Based On The Gender

Having a baby, whether a boy or a girl, is memorable, but you can sweeten up this moment by creatively revealing your baby’s gender. These days, everything is customized down to the utmost detail. 

Some ideas can be used for either a baby boy’s or a baby girl’s gender reveal. All you have to do is change the color, and you are good to go. If you have a second or third child, you should put in extra effort to reveal this news in a better way than the last time.

If you are on a budget, you can use the previous baby’s gear to reveal the gender of the upcoming baby. In case you have a different gender this time, you can conveniently change the color theme and reuse all of the stuff from baby number one’s gender reveal party.

Of course, you can always make gender reveals private ceremonies. This is how you do it.

How Do I Tell My Husband We Are Having a Boy?

Your reveal should be as exciting as the news of the baby itself and different from typical gender reveals. Make use of the following ways to mesmerize your spouse with your baby boy’s gender reveal.

Use blue confetti

Oldest trick in the book: get some blue confetti, tell your husband he is about to find out his baby’s gender, and pop it open. The blue confetti will pour out and fly everywhere!

Pro tip: Try this in an open space, preferably outdoors. The breeze will spread the confetti and rain it down on you, creating a perfect photo opportunity.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture these extraordinary moments. The whole scene will look like it came out of a storybook. Also, it will prove a great gender reveal and a surprise that your husband will never forget. 

Gender reveal cake with blue fondant

Something sweet is the perfect tool to reveal such lovely news. And what is better than having a cute cake with blue icing that reveals that your baby is a boy?

Customized fondant cakes are in trend these days. You can have a blue fondant cake topped with cars or cute baby clothes. If fondant cake doesn’t make your mouth water, go for a simple cream cake in blue icing. Have “It’s a Boy!” written on top of the cake.

This is a two-in-one gender reveal idea. You will not only be able to break the news to your beloved husband, but you will also be able to fulfill your cake cravings—a win-win scenario.

Enjoy your dessert privately, just you and your husband, and call it a day.

Blue balloons

Easy. Simple. Private. Buy blue balloons to tell your husband your baby’s gender. You can hide the balloons in your house and send your husband to get something from the place you hid them. This will be a big surprise.

You can also couple these balloons with chocolates and a little note of appreciation for your husband. Let him know how great he has been throughout the pregnancy and that you recognize all of his efforts for you and your baby. This will indeed be an epic moment for him.

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun idea for gender reveal. You will have fun at the expense of your husband! You can create and leave clues all around your house. Your husband can take time off from his monotonous routine to play this game with you. Once he has all the clues, he can put two and two together and find out the most exciting news of his life.

This game has a huge element of surprise as your husband doesn’t know what he is looking for. The more complex clues, the more rewarding the news becomes, so take your time developing the clues.

How Do I Tell My Husband We Are Having a Girl?

Having a little princess? Your gender reveal should also be fit for royalty!

Sprinkle some color

Fill some balloons with pink-colored sprinkles. Make sure the balloons aren’t transparent. You can tell your husband he is going to find the baby’s gender and let him pop the balloon. The instant flowing of sprinkles out of the balloon will tell him you are having a girl.

You can use pink confetti cannons for a baby girl. You can also couple pink confetti with pink icing cupcakes and even celebrate with a pink drink (non-alcoholic so that you can enjoy it, too).

Baby clothes

You can buy cute, filly dresses and place them on your bed and ask your husband to come in. The moment he sees the clothes, he will know. That will indeed be a joyous moment for both of you, and it is incredibly intimate too.

You can level up this idea by buying your husband a “Daddy” shirt too. Not only will that be cute but also emotional. It will show your husband you love him and can’t wait for his princess to arrive.

Dart game

Like the scavenger hunt, this is a fun game for a gender reveal. Just place a couple of balloons on a board. One of the balloons will contain the gender of the baby. You and your husband then throw darts at the balloons. Whoever is able to find the gender first wins.

Of course, this has less element of surprise in it. You will have to tell your husband beforehand that he is going to find out the gender of the baby. Moreover, this game is also more thrilling when you play it at a gender reveal party rather than privately, as all your family members will enjoy finding out the baby’s gender.

At What Month Should You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

private gender reveal ideas for husband

In times past, gender reveal wasn’t considered a big thing. These days, people make an effort when breaking this exciting news to their family members. Hence, the need for gender reveal parties. As an expecting mother, you must be very cautious when gathering a crowd. If you feel healthy and fit, only then should you arrange a party. Even then, you shouldn’t put extra strain on yourself as it could jeopardize your health or the baby’s health.

A baby’s gender is typically revealed between 18 to 21 weeks, around the fifth or sixth month of your pregnancy. This means you cannot do a gender reveal party before your second trimester because the baby’s sex organs are not fully developed before that. Determining the gender before then is difficult. 

If you really want to have a gender reveal party, it should be between the fifth and seventh months. Don’t make it so late that your condition becomes sensitive (during the last two months of your pregnancy). 

How Do Couples Do Gender Reveal?

Gender reveal varies from couple to couple. Some couples are overly excited and would like to shout the gender of their baby from the Empire State Building if given the opportunity. Others are more private and prefer intimate gender reveal parties. 

Whatever the expecting parents have in mind, they are always looking for the most unique gender reveal idea. Everything is on the menu, from private parties to closed-door celebrations, when it comes to unique gender reveal ideas.

Private Versus Gender Reveal Party

Privacy is very important when you are in the family way. This is because extra advice and close monitoring may make your life hard. It is harder when people try to instill fear of motherhood in you by feeding you pregnancy myths. It is understandable if you crave a private gender reveal. If you don’t want an intrusion or your happiness to be marred with unnecessary comments from your relatives, you will prefer a private gender reveal.

Private gender reveals are also preferable because only you and your husband matter at the end of the day. As the parents, you two are the ones who are going to stay with the baby through thick and thin. You’ll be the ones to sacrifice your sleep and social life for him or her. Naturally, it should only be you two to have a gender reveal together in the privacy of your home.

On the other hand, a gender reveal party with your close friends and family also sounds like a lovely option. 

What about a gender reveal baby shower? This is a fun gender reveal idea. You will be treated like a queen. You get to dress up. You’ll receive all the great baby and mother presents. You can eat all the food you love while having as much fun as possible. When you reveal your baby’s gender, the entire party will explode with happiness.

You get to spend this day with your closest friends and family member who are genuinely happy for you. Pregnancy can prove very hard at times. Doing fun things like gender reveal parties and baby showers can improve your mental wellbeing. Your heightened emotions can be directed toward happiness, and you can look forward to the most exciting parts of the motherhood journey.

Do’s and Donts of a Gender Reveal Party

Follows these steps, and you will definitely have the time of your life!

  • You need to be extra careful with every step you take. You may want to wear something fancy, but don’t buy dresses with long and heavy trains as they can tire you out or even cause slipping. Wear something that is either short or medium in length.
  • You don’t want to be extravagant when it comes to the party. Remember, you are going to welcome a baby in a few months, and raising a baby isn’t cheap. Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Make all your guests feel important. Let them know that you appreciate their presence and record their reactions when the gender is revealed.

How Can I Make My Gender Reveal Private?

Not comfortable revealing the gender of your baby for fear of the evil eye? Worry not. You can give this surprise to your husband privately. There are ways that you can use it regardless of if you are having a boy or a girl. If your primary motivation is having a low-profile gender reveal surprise, try one of the following:

Fortune cookies

Using fortune cookies for gender reveal purposes can actually be really different. This is because it’s one of the non-conventional gender reveal ideas, totally out of the box. No one can expect that they are holding their baby’s gender in a fortune cookie in their hands.

You can play a little game with your husband. Hide one cookie with the baby’s gender and let him find it from the heap of other cookies. It will be not only a rewarding task but also fun and life-changing.

Sealed envelope

Sometimes simple is better. If you want the simplest gender reveal idea, you can take your latest sonogram with a gender report and seal it inside an envelope. You can mark it as “Open me” or “From your baby” to get your husband’s attention.

This will be a cheap yet thoughtful gender reveal idea for your husband. Also, it is highly intimate, and you will have no interference from anyone as you both celebrate your special moment.

Weekend Getaway

The strenuous city life may be making you anxious. If this is the case, it is time for a short getaway. Plan a surprise getaway for your husband so that both of you have each other to yourselves. In a romantic setting somewhere in the countryside, you can reveal your baby’s gender.

Having a break from your routine to relax for a few days will also benefit your health. Moreover, once you reveal the gender of your baby, you both can decide on the name peacefully, without people intruding.

A Quick Wrap-up

A baby is the most precious gift to the expectant parents. Before he or she arrives, make his or her entrance into your life memorable with awesome gender reveal ideas. You can reveal this amazing news to your husband privately or host an intimate party for your loved ones. 

Finding out the gender of your baby is indeed a huge milestone that should be made memorable and shared with all who matter. As discussed, you can make this day special with your creativity and your favorite gender reveal ideas. Try out these hacks and see how your loved ones react. You will truly enjoy revealing your baby’s gender.