10 Spiritual Signs Of Pregnancy You May Experience

10 Spiritual Signs Of Pregnancy You May Experience

A lot of uncomfortable physical signs can make a woman reach for a pregnancy test. However, apart from the physical signs, there are times when a woman might experience signs from the universe or a higher power. It feels like everyday things that she sees, hears, or feels are trying to tell her something. Many mothers find spiritual signs of their pregnancies through everyday occurrences in life and dreams.

Pregnancy is a time when some women experience heightened spiritual awareness. Leading up to the pregnancy, you may notice dreams or signs in everyday life that tell you that you might be pregnant. Your intuition can also tell you that you are pregnant. 

Spiritual pregnancy experiences happen all the time, but until you are aware or are looking for that possibility, it’s easy to completely overlook them. That’s why today we are discussing the ten spiritual signs of pregnancy that a woman may experience.

Vivid Pregnancy Dreams

One of the most common spiritual signs of pregnancy is vivid dreams. Dreams are full of signs and reflections of what is on our minds. It is your way of processing information and attempting to break down your life. You may dream about giving birth to an animal baby, which is a clear sign that you might be already pregnant. Sometimes women experience symbolic dreams that represent creating a new life; their dream selves may start a new business or a new project.

Many pregnant women even have very detailed dreams where they can see the gender of their baby. They see themselves playing with a baby girl or a baby boy, which can be a mother’s strong intuition as well.

If you keep having strong vivid dreams about pregnancy and have some physical symptoms, it might be time to go and buy that pregnancy test. There is also a scientific reason behind these vivid pregnancy dreams: physiological changes and hormones can be the reasons for these dreams.

Pregnancy Signs on TV

You have been watching a show for quite some time now and it has never had anything to do with pregnancy, but out of the blue, it has an episode about pregnancy or a character becoming pregnant. If this is followed by multiple commercials about pregnancy or babies, then it could be a clear sign from the universe.

If a woman suspects she is pregnant and suddenly multiple shows are showcasing something related to pregnancy, then she might feel like it is a sign. In normal circumstances, it could just be a coincidence, or you might not even notice these universal signs. However, if you have a missed period and have been thinking about it, then these instances could be a clear sign.

Seeing Pregnant Women Everywhere

If your period is late and you have no other pregnancy symptoms but keep seeing pregnant women around your neighborhood or when you go to the shopping mall, it could be a sign. This simple coincidence could be a strong spiritual sign that you might already be pregnant.

It is a scientific fact that when you want to achieve something and put all your focus on it, then you will begin to see it in everything around you. If you are pregnant but don’t know it yet, seeing pregnant women all the time could be a metaphysical sign telling you that you are pregnant or are going to be pregnant. It’s the way of the universe!

Noticing the Number 3 Often

Did you encounter the number three in different ways during the initial weeks of your pregnancy? Some women feel that they noticed the number three in everything they did and that it was a spiritual sign for them. That’s because the number three represents creation and that also represents pregnancy.

Your body has created life, and that’s what seeing number three everywhere you go or in everything you do means. Maybe you would look at the clock and it’s always 1:30 or 3:00 or even 5:33, or you check your calendar and your next few day’s meetings are all scheduled at 3. Sometimes these coincidences mean more than what you can see or understand.

Seeing Pink and Blue

Seeing pink and blue everywhere you go? Maybe you are walking down the road and see a baby girl in a cute pink dress, walk across a store and see a beautiful blue bag, or come across a billboard with pink and blue wording. These could be metaphysical signs of the universe telling you that there is a baby on the way!

While any other person would not think much of this because colors are everywhere, when a woman is pregnant or is thinking about her missed period then these could all be signs telling her that she needs to take a pregnancy test.

Dreams About Talking to Unborn Baby

A lot of women report that they suspected they are pregnant when they started having dreams about having conversations or cuddling their unborn child. Some women even dream about cradling a new baby in their arms. Having vivid pregnancy dreams is a sign, but if you are having dreams about your unborn baby, then it could be a definite sign from the universe.

If you are into spirituality at all, then you would know that it is a common belief that babies choose their parents, and when a woman experiences dreams like this, it is a way of the baby telling the mom that they are ready to make an entry into this new world!

Strong Intuition

spiritual signs of pregnancy

A woman’s intuition! This is another wonderful thing that women are blessed with. But this intuition peaks to another level when you are pregnant or are a mother. Sometimes women don’t experience spiritual signs of pregnancy like seeing colors, numbers, or even dreams. Instead, they have a deep gut feeling that tells them that their body is ready and already carrying a new life inside.

Even before the morning sickness kicks in or the hormonal changes create havoc in your body, you might have a feeling or intuition that is so strong that you know for sure that you are pregnant. Many women feel strongly about everything during this period. They are more attuned to their bodies and baby’s needs and can sense the moment something is different.

Some women have even been able to suspect that they are having twins. If you are attuned to your body, then you can tell if you are having a twin pregnancy by the intense activity in your womb, excessive morning sickness, and quick weight gain. When you experience these spiritual signs of pregnancy, combined with some pregnancy symptoms like feeling sick or any hormonal changes, consult your doctor immediately to find out what’s happening before you go ahead and assume things.

If you are planning on getting pregnant and have been trying for a while, getting your hopes up is common, but don’t confuse it with intuition. Having a gut feeling is something deep and you know it when you feel it.

Real Life Signs

The spiritual signs of pregnancy can come in different forms. You may hear songs on the radio and every channel might have a song about pregnancy, or all songs back-to-back may have the word “baby” in them.

You may pick up the newspaper or a magazine and come across articles about pregnancy or random ads about maternity clothes, baby clothes, or baby products.

If you have searched about pregnancy and babies online, then your Google search might show results about pregnancy symptoms or babies because of an algorithm. But songs on the radio, articles in newspapers, or ads in magazines or TV could be a metaphysical sign from the universe.

New Beginnings

You are going about your life and suddenly see a whole lot of new beginnings around you. It could be your friend moving to a new city, your sibling getting married, a colleague starting a new business, or maybe even a friend getting pregnant. All of these new beginnings could be a sign that maybe it is time for you to welcome a new baby as well. A spiritual pregnancy journey is more about being aware of what is happening around you and using the signs of the universe to guide you into this new journey of life.

Dreams About Babies

Did you see a baby cry in your dream? Or maybe you are going about your daily life in your dream, but there is a baby around. Sometimes women experience strange dreams where they are going about their everyday tasks but a baby is involved. They may not recognize the baby, but it could be a sign that you already have a bun in the oven. Dreams, as we said before, can be a sign of your manifestation. If you have prayed or asked God for a baby, then seeing a baby in your dream could be a clear sign.

Final Words from Bizzie Mommy

While some women experience signs like dreams, others might just have a pregnancy intuition. Whatever your spiritual signs of pregnancy are, what’s important is that you are ready to step into this new journey of life.

Being pregnant and giving birth is a life-changing experience, and if you feel that the universe or a higher power is telling you that now is the right time and you know you are ready for it, then go for it. No one knows what the future holds, but what we do know is that holding your baby in your arms for the first time is a feeling that you will never forget!