Hands Down the Best Toddler Piano Keyboards: My Choice!

Hands Down the Best Toddler Piano Keyboards: My Choice!

Toddlers do understand the language of MUSIC. It is healing for them and a fantastic addition to their life. At the age when they are observing the world around them, when they can’t speak or show their talents, toddlers want to make the world know about their existence by making noise.

It is believed that in old times, people used to give their toddlers some metal pots and spoons to make noise or play their favorite tunes through them. Still at this age, toddlers enjoy playing a melody through musical instruments like a toddler piano.

Music lessons tend to play an essential role in a toddler’s growth and learning journey. No doubt, learning musical instruments like a toddler piano helps develop fine motor skills and proper finger placement and strengthens their hand-eye coordination. Learning this skill from a young age strengthens their cognitive skills and fastens the learning process.

It sharpens a child’s attention and helps him start playing music early. To gift your child the best toy piano, it is mandatory to do proper research about piano features. So you pick one of the best kids’ pianos for your little angel.

This blog is meant to review the best toddler piano available in the market. We have researched so you don’t have to while picking a reliable piano keyboard for your toddler.

7 Best Toy Piano Keyboards for Toddlers:

Goplus Classical Kids Piano:

If you want your toddler to be involved in music and start learning the piano at a young age, our first pick for you is the Goplus Kids toy Piano keyboard. It is one of the best toddler pianos in the market and has a high selling rate. The reason could be its stylish look and durability.

Here, we will first highlight the different features of this piano and then discuss the pros and cons of it and whether you should buy it or not.


Keys: The piano comes with 30 black and white keys.

Recommended age: 2-7 years kids

Extra Items: A music holder and a stool


Keys are wide and classy so you do not need to worry about the kid hitting multiple keys at once as happens in a local piano keyboard.

The piano can be assembled and cleaned with great ease.

It produces no harsh sound. All the keys have good tunes and bass.


The wooden bench that comes with the piano is not durable as it can wear out in some months of usage.

Conomus Piano Keyboard Toy:

Our other pick of toddler pianos is the Conomus toy piano with endless features and a cool look. Its design is especially loved by young girls but all kids can use it. It proves to be an enchanting birthday gift for your baby as it helps him start learning the music and piano at a young age.

Not only this, piano learning helps your child to develop healthy brain memory and improve fine motor skills. Here we discuss the features and pros & cons of this toy piano keyboard.


Keys: It comes with a 24-key piano/keyboard with four musical instruments.

Recommended age: 3-8 years

Extra Items: Comes with an audio cable so you can connect this digital piano to your speakers, PC, and phone.


This digital piano comes with 22 demo songs, and precise rhythm and volume controls.

Its appearance is quite attractive and comes with a butterfly LED.

Kids under the age of 3 can also use it if the very small parts are removed.


Speakers may give static sound when not being played.

JINRUCHE Kids Piano:

This environment-friendly toddler piano comes with ABS non-toxic plastic and is an amazing addition to your child’s boring routine. Both boys and girls can learn and play this kid’s piano as its style is suitable for both.

Moreover, the JINRUCHE kid’s piano is made according to RoHS safety measures and CPC Children recognizes and approves it to be used by kids of 3 years of age.


Keys: Comes with 32 keys.

Recommended age: 3-8 years kids can play with it.

Extra Items: Additionally, it comes with a detachable microphone with double speakers and an audio cable jack.


The piano has a nice sturdy cardboard package that you can use for storage.

It comes with 4 AA batteries which give it a high boost and multiple hours of play.


The microphone sometimes doesn’t pick all the different sounds with precision.

Costway Wood Toy Grand Piano:

Costway Wood Toy Grand Piano:

As a parent, we are always looking for what’s best for our kids. When choosing a toddler piano, parents’ main concern is it should be safe to use and make the best sound so their kids can learn it with great ease.

Our 4th pick in your search for the best piano keyboards for your little kid is the CostWay toy piano. It was awarded the “Best toddler grand piano” award and this feature also makes it one of the best-selling toddler pianos in the market today. It has a smooth edge design with highly adaptive features. Here, we highlight some of its qualities.


Recommended age: 2-7 years

Extra Items: It has a music holder so your kids can start playing music right after finishing learning the piano keys.


Its unique style makes it the best birthday and Christmas gift for young musicians.

Kids older than 7 can also use it as it is not just a toy, it’s a proper piano keyboard.


Costway Wood toy piano doesn’t have a recorder or playback function system.

VTech Zoo Jamz Toddlers Piano:

Pianos are a gateway for toddlers to enter a new magical world of music. It is a relaxing experience and a fun activity for the kids who spend most of their time crying and throwing things away. It helps with their motor skills and improves their coordination.

So, let’s not make kids’ piano complicated for toddlers and give them VTech toy piano to learn at a young age of as early as 1 year. It will be an amazing discovery for them as it plays more than 100 playback songs, which helps improve their listening skills as well as build their vocabulary and improve their taste in melody.


Keys: 8

Recommended age: 1-4 years

Extra Items: Additionally comes with a microphone and LED lights to attract young kids.


It is lightweight, so tiny babies can carry it around in their walkers.

It comes with a microphone that encourages kids to sing the song along with music which helps them learn the language and listen to good music.

It comes in bright and beautiful colors to attract kids.


The songs it plays are quite short and simple.

Melissa & Doug Classic Grand Piano:

This piano stands out among other toddler pianos available in the market. The reason is its cool look and affordable rates with high durability. It has the feature of playing nine or eight rhythms so your child can sing along and memorize them with great ease. The piano keyboard is made of solid wood, which makes it extra durable and can be used by kids of young age.

As there are screws on its keyboard, which makes it not suitable for very small kids of 1-2 years. It’s best to be used by kids of 4-8 years of age. Moreover, it comes with a varied number of keys like 30 and 24. No matter which one you buy for your toddler, the music and melody will be the same and both are easy to learn and play.

Hence, Melissa & Doug Classic Grand Piano is a stylish way of introducing your kid to music in their toddler life.


Keys: 30 or 24

Recommended age: 4-8 years

Extra Items: It comes with an illustrated songbook which helps kids learn and play songs easily. Moreover, the music book includes a color color-coded key chart which improves kids’ color coordination along with finger and eye coordination.


Durable with a stylish look and smooth surface

Color-coded songbook


As it’s a toddler piano, the sound quality is not as soothing as expected.

Alesis Recital Pro Piano:

Alesis Recital is one step ahead of learning piano for kids. It comes with many features that an ordinary toddler piano doesn’t have. In this regard, no other toddler piano can beat Alesis Recital. It comes with additional items but is easy to set up for the parents.

It has a music stand, microphone, headphones, and a stool, everything made for the convenience of little angels passionate about musical journeys. The wooden stool makes the piano lessons easy and the stand is best for mini concerts. Not only this, its piano comes with split and layer mode, to produce sound in various octaves.

Here we discuss some of its features and drawbacks.


Keys: Comes with 88 weighted keys

Recommended age: 3-8 years

Extra Items: Headphones, microphone, stand, stool, 20 Watt speakers


It provides the feature of producing more than 12 sounds to try.

Its keyboard comes with split and layer mode

Big kids can also use it as it has all in-build adult piano features but is made child-friendly


Some people find it more expensive than other toy pianos available.

Final Verdict:

I hope you found this article helpful in your purchase of the best toddler piano for your little musician. The above-mentioned pianos have all the features that should be included in a kids’ piano. They are durable, pocket-friendly, and stylish to gift to your kid. Good luck with your purchase.