What to Wear to a Baby Shower? Trendy Fashion Ideas

What to Wear to a Baby Shower? Trendy Fashion Ideas

Baby showers are a great way for both the guests and the mom-to-be to wear fun accessories and cute outfits before the baby arrives. Many moms wonder what to wear to a baby shower, and we’ve got some great ideas for you. Unless there is a dress code, there are many options to choose from, so you can dress however you want.

If you are going as a guest, casual summer pants and a cute cardigan are a good choice. Colors should probably be on the light side, especially if you are going to a classy baby shower. Jeans are also a good option, but don’t wear them with a t-shirt since it’s a celebration and not just a regular get together.

Are You Supposed to Dress Up for a Baby Shower?

Many people wonder whether or not they should dress up for the baby shower because if they don’t dress up while everyone else does, it is going to look very rude, while if they are the only ones dressed up, they are going to come off as an attention seeker. It is just going to make you uncomfortable, and you won’t be able to enjoy the occasion.

As per social guidelines, there is no set rule that you must dress up for a baby shower, which really leaves the entire thing up to the person or the theme of the baby shower itself. It’s a must to dress accordingly and participate if you’re attending a themed shower. Remember that even though you might not feel like dressing to the nines, this is a joyous event, and you are not the center of attention, so you must follow the rules. Nonetheless, there are ways you could figure out whether you need to dress up for the baby shower or not:

Ask Around a Bit

Try asking the other guests whether they are going to dress up. Not only will this give an idea about who is dressing up and who is not, but you can also even ask them about the kind of clothes they are wearing, and you can decide your own baby shower outfit according to that.

Ask the Mom

Asking the mom-to-be is also a great idea to decide on what to wear to a baby shower. This can also be helpful in not accidentally outdoing the mother, who is supposed to be the highlight of the party. Avoid wearing the same clothes or colors as the mother since this can be seen as disrespectful.

Keep the Ages in Mind

A good rule of thumb for older people is to avoid wearing jeans when going to events. See whether the hosts or the guests are more on the older side or not, and this will give you good outfit ideas. A midi dress or linen pants would be great for such events, but don’t wear jeans or revealing dresses.

What Should I Wear to a Baby Shower as a Guest?

What Should I Wear to a Baby Shower as a Guest?

Wanting to look good for a baby shower is completely normal, but you must never outshine the mother. There are various options to choose from, some more befitting than others for different seasons and occasions; however, you can pretty much wear whatever you feel like, as long as it fits the theme and is not too overboard.

  1. A casual dress
    The outfit at baby showers should be informal, comfortable, and fitting. A casual dress with casual shoes is usually a modest yet stunning ensemble. They are also cozy and simple to wear for the majority of occasions. Furthermore, if you are confident in them, then they look extremely elegant and chic.
  2. Blouse & Jeans
    Wearing a simple blouse paired with jeans is an excellent option for a baby shower unless there is a dress code. If you think this will be a little too casual, you can dress up with a pair of jeans with a simple top with puffed or lace sleeves.
  3. Sweater dress
    This is a go-to look for a winter baby shower. No matter where you’re heading, you’ll look great. You can select a sweater dress that immediately complements your body type because they come in a variety of styles. Additionally, you may accessorize as much or as little as you wish without being out of place. You can simply wear a sweater dress, and you will look good and fit for the occasion.
  4. Skirt and blouse
    If you are thinking about wearing something fancy at the baby shower, a skirt with a blouse is a great option, especially during the summer. This pairing looks sleek and adorable. Consider wearing a white blouse and a silk skirt. This casual outfit is not just fit for baby showers but can actually be worn anywhere.
  5. Mini dresses
    For spring baby showers, short dresses are perfect since they let you move freely without the risk of getting tangled. It could be accessorized with a beautiful necklace. You could also wear a cardigan over it for a more chic look.
  6. Leggings
    Another excellent choice for the colder months is leggings. You will definitely look fabulous in a dress because of its quick slimming effects. You can look good in leggings no matter your age or fashion sense. Pick gray, white, or even black, and choose whichever top or dress you’d like. The combinations that go well with these three colors are nearly endless.
  7. Dresses with puffy sleeves
    Another fantastic option among the various baby shower clothing options is a dress with puffy sleeves, especially if the event is for a baby girl. They are frequently quite well-liked by women who enjoy flaunting their bodies. Although vivid hues are also available, pastel and light colors are the most common for these dresses.
  8. Plaid blazer with trousers
    A plaid blazer and trousers are a timeless combination that makes it easy to choose. With contemporary additions like an oversized jacket style and a chic jogger design with a paper bag belt, the style is modernized. This will make the outfit a little less casual and more on the elegant side.
  9. White pants
    If the dresses aren’t your favorite, you can always go with white pants and a laced shirt. Pairing it up with heels and some light jacket or jewelry will breathe new life into your outfit.

What to Wear to an Outdoor Baby Shower Event

When going to a baby shower hosted outside, a lovely summer dress is generally the preferred option. However, you can almost guarantee that the pregnant mother will be wearing a nice, light summer dress, therefore, you’ll need to be careful not to look too much like the mother.

If the shower is being held in a garden or some other grassy location, heels can be an issue. Since you wouldn’t want to stumble over anything or sink your heels into the ground, you should choose light summer trousers that go well with some basic flats. This type of outfit may easily be toned up or down with the right jewelry.

Maxi and Mini Dresses As a Comfortable Option

A maxi or a mini dress is a perfect option for an outdoor baby shower, giving you a warm yet fancy feeling. You can choose between loose or body-hugging dresses, and pairing it up with minimalistic jewelry would be a smart choice.

Also, they can be given a festive twist or can even work for a casual event based on how you style them, so you have endless options to choose from. They will also help you stay cool in the summer heat or can be worn with your favorite sweater on a cold day.

Dark Colors to Prefer Wear At Indoor Baby Shower Events?

Since dark colors are connected with grief, it is recommended to refrain from wearing them to a baby shower. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing a black dress, though, provided you feel better and at ease in it. Just ensure that you keep the outfit’s general mood upbeat, perhaps with some bright accessories or a statement necklace.

Black should not be used for casual attire. A baby shower outfit should be upbeat, celebratory, and fun; black is either too solemn or too “dinner date out” for this occasion. Make your outfit stand out by going with a softer gray or blue shade.

How to Get Ready as a Baby Shower Event Guest?

Although these dress codes are not absolute, you should take them into consideration when going to a baby shower. These will ensure that you blend in. The majority of shower attendees will adhere to at least a few of these.

Avoid making a statement or dressing too fancy

You shouldn’t try to look your best during a baby shower. Save the new purse that all of your friends would be swooning over for some other occasion. Choose an approach that is attractive but modest. You don’t want to take the mother-to-be’s spotlight. It’s incredibly inconsiderate and careless to act in this way.

Dress in a feminine manner

For baby showers, most women wear more feminine attire. This doesn’t imply that you must wear pink. You could go with darker shades, but choosing a more feminine option, like a floral top in a darker shade, would not be completely terrible. Elegant fabrics, flowers, and soft hues are all regarded as feminine.

Choose Pretty outfits

Baby showers tend to have a lighter, more whimsical atmosphere than other gatherings. Too many people wearing dark or dull hues can ruin the festive atmosphere.

Theme and Venue

Make sure that your attire is appropriate for the venue. As soon as you get the baby shower invite, you should inquire about the event’s theme and location. Ensure that you are not overdressed or dressed too formally for the event. Some common venues and locations for baby showers are:

  1. High Tea Baby Shower

    High tea is a well-liked baby shower theme. This kind of baby shower necessitates a sophisticated appearance, whether you’re going to a high tea spot or the hostess is setting one up at home.

    A favorite choice is a stylish mini-dress in a striking print or vivid hue. Look for frilly hems, delicate necklines, and puffy sleeves for traditionally feminine accents that work nicely for high teas. You can also choose a midi dress with a loose shape rather than one with a tight fit for the best results.
  2. Home Shower
    You’ll probably have a little more liberty with your attire since at-home baby showers likely will be a bit laid back. Wearing jeans to a baby shower at home is typically acceptable, but you should confirm with the host to be sure you’re following the rules. Remember to choose raised wide-leg shapes, stay away from damaged detailing, and choose white or pastel tones instead of blue denim if you decide to wear jeans.
  3. Virtual Baby Shower

    Even if the baby shower invitation says it won’t be in person, you still need to decide what to wear. Despite the fact that it’s a virtual baby shower, getting dressed up is something you must do for the expecting mother. Even if the event is taking place online, you can still seem respectable by donning an item of casual clothing like a tailored blouse.

Best Cocktail Dresses to Give Fancier Look

Reformation’s Cassi Knit Dress updates a traditional cocktail dress style. With its amazing length and strap width, it can be worn anywhere, from a formal and casual affair to a fashion-forward party, and yes, also at an in-person shower. You can wear it with ankle boots or even simple heels.

Sleeveless Ruched Mesh Dress from Target’s Wild Fable line is a great option for anyone who wants to look elegant yet doesn’t want to go broke over a dress. It is stylish and beautiful and looks more high-fashion than it really is. This fashionable dress pays homage to Y2K fashion.

A sophisticated cocktail dress should always be made of silk. The Reformation dress is special in its design and is perfect to wear to a baby shower. The slip dress is beautiful and elegant, perfect for welcoming a new baby.

Don’t Stress About Outfit Ideas

Baby shower outfit doesn’t need you to stress so much over them. Remember, many baby showers are fun, and many are formal and casual. Just wear a fun outfit that will give off warm vibes and avoid going overboard or underboard with the ensemble. You can choose to wear a shirt, a skirt, a pair of black or white jeans, a slip dress, a midi dress, a plaid dress, really whatever you like as long as it fits the theme and does not look disrespectful to the mother.